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DONATIONS AND FUND RAISING ON OUR BEHALF IN 2020                                                                        

We are very grateful to the Trustees of the Roy Overland Trust for a donation of £50 and to the Trustees of the Elizabeth Rouse Settlement for a donation of £500. .

Valla Trust Company donated food and raised £36.27 by selling woolly hedgehogs for us. Earlier in the year they came to help clean out hedgehogs.

Zedra Trust  Company raised £55 by selling woolly hedgehogs in their office before lockdown.

Dress Down Days  The staff at Philean Trust Company held 2 dress down days and donated  £60 to us. Many thanks to all involved.

Bel Royal Motors donated £50 out of the blue by bank transfer.

Several generous donations have been received from individuals which helped to cover the shortfall because of the lack of fund raising events due to Covid restrictions

Aarons Bikes  raised £102 by blowing up peoples tyres they did a roaring trade during lockdown. 

MiniPegs and painted stones: Rachel Scott Renouf  raised £205 this year from her handiwork for us and lots more for other animal charities.  Very sadly she had to stop fund raising due to ill health.

Denize Keywood donated £100 from her jam sales for which we were very grateful.

Donations in kind:  Jodie Gray gave us 8 bales of hay, St Peter’s Garden Centre gave lots of food and mini bales of straw.  New Era and Archway vets gave us lots of food. Ransoms Garden Centre donated a 10kg bag of Royal Canin kitten food.  Ian Averty gave us a load of woodchips for covering the ground in the outside pens. Several members very kindly gave us food from their Spend Local cards. Many thanks to everyone who gave us gifts of food and other supplies.

Co-op Account: Many thanks to everyone who  used our number 325001 when shopping at the
Co-op. Our dividend this year was £167.43 so thank you all.

Our Current Account at Natwest was closed on 31/12/20 and the balance transferred to our account with HSBC because the St Brelade branch shut in January 2021.

School Visits: Monya managed a few school visits before and after the Spring lockdown. She went to D’Auvergne school twice raising £138 in total, to JCP who raised £86 and Happy Hatchlings Nursery who gave us £20. The money was raised from selling woolly hogs.

Cycle Ride:   Demri and Jocelyn Mitchell cycled from John a Groats to Land’s End raising money for several Jersey charities and we were chosen as one to benefit from their efforts.  They gave us £180.



There were no fund raising events in 2020 due to Covid 19 restrictions. However, the 2 Hannahs and Monya managed to organise an information stand at Seedy Sunday in February before lockdown and raised £140.  The fair was very well attended and lots of people came to the stand and asked questions.


SALES OF CATNIP HOGS:  Special thanks to the vets' receptionists at New Era, Leodis, Archway and Allpets and to the staff at Animal Kingdom and Le Marquand Bros for selling loads of woolly catnip hedgehogs especially in the second half of the year raising the magnificent sum of £3099.  This does not include £270 raised in December 2020 at Animal Kingdom in Town which was banked in January 2021, but it does include £94 raised by a very kind lady who knitted large hedgehogs for Christmas 2019 and donated the money via our vet‘s account in 2020. This is a wonderful effort in view of the fact that the vets’ premises were shut to clients for several months.

Thanks to Pam for all the work she does collecting woolly hogs from the knitters and keeping them supplied with wool, sewing up and stuffing the hogs and distributing them to the outlets for sale and then counting and banking the money raised and making special giant hogs to order for Christmas raising another £267 some of these were kindly sold by the receptionists at Leodis vets.

All this would not be possible without our hard working knitters: June Schollhammer, Ann Ellis, Viv Francis, Jenny Peacock, Annie de Carteret in Guernsey, Sarah Cooper,  Liz Foyle, Caroline Whittingham, Petra Livesey, Evelyn Gardiner, Gladys Dunell, Rosemary Vibert, Margaret and Pam.


APPLE TWIGS:  Monique made up bundles of apple twigs for sale at New Era Vets for chinchillas, rabbits and other nibblers, the money raised is included in the woolly hog total and is credited to our account. Thanks to Sharon Unwin for her apple prunings.






We cancelled the Annual General Meeting because of Covid 19 restrictions.  A postal and email ballot of the membership was held in lieu of an AGM, with the agreement of the Charities Commission, to approve the Accounts for 2019 and to re-elect the Steering Group. We received 40 replies agreeing to both proposals which is more than the usual number of members who attend an AGM.



Members of the public continue to be referred to us when they have found a hedgehog and in 2020

27 hedgehogs were passed to us for care. 9 died or were put to sleep, 17 were released and 1 remained in care at the year end.  2 from 2019 were released in 2020. Their ambulance drivers will collect patients during the day if we are overstretched and will collect any hedgehog after 8pm and take it to New Era Vets if it is injured.  They also go to the JEP for us and bring us van loads of newspapers which is very kind of them.



Volunteers: Thanks to Monique, Pam, Louisa, Anne, Stine, Emily, Amanda, Hannah, another Hannah, Phil and Jan for their help with care and ambulance work and to James for driving all over the island on various errands. Thanks to Hilary, Rose Anne, Joy, Fiona and Gerry for their help in the early part of the year. During lockdown volunteers collected and released hedgehogs but did not come to White Lodge to help clean out.


HOG BOXES The States of Jersey Prison Service made us some feeding and nest boxes, for which they now charge, and Hannah made us more nest boxes - we ask for donations for all of them to cover costs.




Dru's admissions totalled 577 with 294 deaths and 359 releases and 51 still in care at the year end which represents a survival rate of 71%. At the year end Dru had 7 permanent residents, of these 2 are amputees, one is brain damaged, one is a very old lady who cannot roll up properly, 2 have old leg injuries and one has very few claws. Monique admitted 73 hedgehogs during the year, 37 were released and 19 died or were put to sleep, and 19 were in care at the year end, this represents a 76% survival rate. She has 3 permanent residents, one is a very old lady, a return from 2015, one can‘t roll up and the other has a split nose, so couldn‘t forage in the wild.

185 babies under 250g were admitted during 2020 and 98 juveniles which weighed more than 250g on admission.


The very dry summer did not help mother hedgehogs and many of the young going right on into winter did not grow as well as usual.  We admitted many very thin hedgehogs right through from summer to the year end. From October to December we admitted 191 hedgehogs, 122 died and only 50 were released so we lost 70% of admissions. It was a very unsuccessful winter




Strimmer Wounds:  From May to November we saw 43 hedgehogs with wounds caused by strimmers or other tools most of them were put to sleep or died, only 9 survived. This does not include others who were taken straight to the vets or the JSPCA and put to sleep and for whom we have no record.

Other injuries: 8 hedgehogs with leg wounds were admitted, 3 were released and one amputee is in care, one with a dislocated elbow from being trapped in long grass was released. One was put to sleep following severe trauma on the cycle track probably having been run over by bike wheels. 3 with pelvic fractures were admitted and 2 were successfully released. 2 with broken jaws did not survive. 2 had puncture wounds on their backs and did not make it. One was put to sleep with a vaginal prolapse.

Tumours: We saw a number of hedgehogs with tumours, all were put to sleep, 2 with head tumours, 2 on the chin, 2 on the side of the face, 2 with tumours on a leg and 2 with tumours on the tongue, one near a testicle and one on the penis.

Other medical problems: One with a ruptured bladder was put to sleep as was one with a  torsion of the guts. One with a burst abscess at the back of the tongue was put to sleep. 9 with abscesses on the face, chin or head were put to sleep, 4 with dental abscesses were treated but none survived.


2 hedgehogs had an eye removed surgically and 3 more had eye injuries. 2 had brain damage from wounds to the head and were put to sleep. 3 hedgehogs were put to sleep because of suspected poisoning.

Thanks to New Era Vets for their help with these injured and very sick hogs.


Disturbed nests:  We looked after 10 families with mum, 2 sets of twins were born in care, the mothers were admitted with a head wound and a swollen leg. 6 families were released with no mishaps but all 4 newborns found in a hay bale died, mum was released back on the farm alone. The other families all suffered some losses in care. The penultimate litter of the year found in October failed to thrive and all the babies died, this mum was also released on her own.  The last nest of the year was destroyed by a flail, mum and one babe were killed on site and 4 babies brought into care, but only 2 survived to be released.

We had 3 cases of ringworm from the same garden. Apparently the fungal spores can live for 20 months in the soil.


TRAPPED HOGS:   Netting:   A mature hog was found tangled in netting, he died a few days later. An adult female was cut out of a badminton net which had been left on the ground, she was released. 4 other adults were rescued from netting one died but the others were released. 2 hoglets were rescued by a kind man at 2 am from a ball of fine garden netting under a hedge. One with a dislocated shoulder did not survive but one with a swollen leg and 2 others who were found later and unhurt were all released.   A hog with a very bad limp and swollen hind leg had strands of net still there, the netting had cut deeply into the leg, he made a good recovery and was released. A juvenile was rescued from netting and released.

Tumble Dryer Hose  Quite a large hog got stuck in the hose from a tumble dryer in a garage, she was released a little later nearby.

A sunken light well: The JSPCA driver made  a very athletic rescue over high metal railings and the hedgehog was taken straight to vets but died, she was too emaciated had been there too long undetected she was only found when the householder started sweeping up leaves in the light well..

Drains and pipes: Monique rescued  a large female from a drain on FB fields and released her at once nearby. The JSPCA were called to a large male trapped in a drain, he was released in the same place after the householders covered all their drains.

Pools: 8 hogs were rescued from pools or pool covers, one pool was almost empty, Anne had to borrow some wellies to rescue the hog. Two were rescued from ponds and three from brooks.  One was rescued from a sunken pit. One fell in a bucket of water. 10 were found in enclosed gardens.

4 were rescued from rat traps with no ill effects. 6 were stuck down steps and rescued.

A hedgehog got stuck under a pallet in the Waitrose delivery area at Red Houses, the staff took a lot of trouble to find her and get her out. A hog which had been stuck under a fence for several days was put to sleep because of her injuries. A mature female was found in a school cupboard - it is a mystery how she got in there. A juvenile was found in a tortoise house with a string noose loosely round his neck  He was released.

GOOD RESCUES: A lady picked up a small hog (233g) by Queens Valley Reservoir one February afternoon.  Against all the odds he did really well. A man found a female hog in the road, she was very thin with an abscess on the side of her face, 2 hoglets came out of the hedge towards him so he rescued all 3. The mum was taken straight to the vets and put to sleep but the 2 hoglets did well and were released.

Beach Boy: A hedgehog was rescued from near the outfall at First Tower and brought to us by the JSPCA. He was released. A lady rescued a young hedgehog by Trinity Church and as she had nothing else in the car she put him in her jumper in a shopping bag and arrived wearing a tee shirt on a very cold night!

A gentleman saw a hog in a pool net on his neighbour’s lawn and  brought the shivery hog in to us. A lady found a youngster covered in fly eggs on the cycle track at Quennevais, she went home, got a box and then brought the hog to us through road works. A lady was cycling to work from Grouville and took a detour to New Era Vets with a hoglet who had a nose wound. There are lots of other instances of such kindness and dedication to our local hogs. Thank you all.

EAR TAG and other RETURNS  2020

During the year 2020  114  ear tags were applied, of these 91 were released later in the year,  5 died  and 18 remained in care at the year end. 2 hogs tagged in 2020 returned to care later in the year and were re-released., 4 returned and died and one was still in care at the year end, he had only been back in the wild for 3 weeks when he got trapped in a garage and damaged an eye which had to be removed surgically. He will be re-released elsewhere in Spring 2021.


25 hogs tagged in 2019 were over wintered and released in 2020.   
12  from 2019 returned to care in 2020, and were successfully re-released and 4 returned and died, one was on his 4th visit, he moved quite long distances between each return. Another had a sliced nose and head which had partially healed but had lost a lot of weight since release and died on return.

A hog from 2018 returned and was re-released in 2020 but another from 2018 returned with a swollen jaw and dental abscess and died after treatment at the vets.

This year we have had no hogs return who were tagged before 2018.

Nail varnish marks hogs can sometimes be identified by location and remaining nail varnish marks.    One hog marked in this way returned in 2020, was successfully re-released and 2 died in care.

A very sad ending for one of 2019’s juveniles she was heard screaming in pain under a shed, she was taken straight to the vets who found that she was trying to abort dead babies, she was put to sleep after only 2 months back in the wild.
















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