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Data Controller – Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group


Data Protection Officer – Dru Burdon
Tel 01534 734340



Relevant Law

The way in which we process personal data is governed by data protection law, which
includes the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018, the Data Protection Authority (Jersey) Law 2018
and, where relevant, the General Data Protection Regulation.

Data protection principles

We will comply with the data protection principles when gathering and using personal information.


Personal Contact Details are held for the following categories of people:

Group members who receive quarterly newsletters by post or email. Permission to hold personal information is obtained via membership renewal slips or by email.

Finders who want the hedgehogs they have found released in their gardens are asked for telephone numbers and addresses/directions if the hedgehog is taken to them.

Release sites: anyone who offers their garden or land as a release site is asked for telephone contact details and address/directions

Volunteers are asked for telephone and email contact details

Some individuals may fall into some or all of these categories. If a member indicates that they no longer wish to receive the newsletter, if a person moves away from a release site or it becomes unsuitable or if a volunteer stops volunteering, their details are deleted from our records.



Third Parties: Information held by the JHPG will not be shared with third parties unless express permission has been granted for that particular instance e.g releasing a hedgehog. We do not carry out any marketing activities.

Breaches of Information  In the event of a breach of security, the JOIC and the individuals concerned will be informed of the breach.

Complaints: Anyone having a complaint about the way their information has been used by the JHPG may complain to the JOIC.



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