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Facebook fund raising page:  We have a new page on Facebook where we are selling donated items, if you would like to join the group please follow the link: We are asking people to collect their items from White Lodge, we won't have time to deliver them to you.  We hope this will raise lots of money for the hogs.

If you shop at the Co-op and would like to donate your divi, our share number is 325001 - thank you!

More Knitters wanted!  Several of our regular knitters have had to give up so we need more of you to volunteer to take on the knitting challenge!  Please phone Pam on  01534 481764 if you would like a lesson in how to knit our woolly hogs. The knitting pattern is on the website now!  We have wool and needles, please don't buy any yourself! Knitting pattern

Dru has decided that she will only be available between the hours of 8am and 8pm to take in or release hedgehogs. If you find an injured hog after 8pm in the evening, please ring New Era vets on 07797 711585 and take it to them. You will not be charged for their services. For most of the year uninjured hedgehogs seen after dark should be left to go about their business, the only exceptions are  small autumn juveniles under 550g from November onwards. These should be kept in a box overnight in a warm room with bedding and food and water and brought to Dru in the morning. If you need an out of hours animal ambulance, please phone the JSPCA Animals' Shelter emergency line on 07797 720331.

STRIMMER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN  See our Strimmer awareness page

We are repeating our Strimmer awareness campaign to try to prevent the usual large number of hedgehogs being killed or injured by strimmers and brush cutters.  We are asking people to check for wildlife before they start work - if the vegetation is very high, to cut to knee height first, then check, then cut lower once they are sure there is nothing there to be hurt.  We are having flyers and stickers for the machines printed.  If you would like some of these please email

The flyers also contain advice about what to do if you discover a nest of Mum and babes while you are working

We are working with other environmental organisations in the island to try to change public attitudes to the Branchage and hedge and field margin management, so that vegetation will not be cut down to the ground, but left to a height of at least 6" (15cm) or 1 foot (30cm) for hedgehogs and that the inner margins of fields and hedges are not cut back in the summer when the roadsides have to be cut, but the work is carried out during the winter, when birds are not nesting, nuts and berries are not on the trees and hedgehogs should be safely tucked away in their nests. Please see our page on Branchage/Habitat

  Summer 2018

It has been an awful summer for injuries, the wet spring followed by hot weather made the vegetation grow so much.  We have seen some really horrid strimmer injuries most of which have been put to sleep.  This year it’s their noses which are getting slashed, maybe because the hogs are lying out in the fields in the heat. There have also been 4 caught in nets of various types. 3 of these have been released.

Strimmer Awareness Campaign If you would like some flyers or posters to raise people’s awareness about the dangers of strimmers, please contact Dru.

Helping hedgehogs Campaign  many thanks to the media and other organisations who have circulated their members with our leaflet which is enclosed for those of you on snail mail! We are hoping that people will create hedgehog friendly gardens and make holes in their fences and walls to let the hogs gain access. If you would like more leaflets to distribute, please let Dru know. We also have a Portuguese version.

Annual General Meeting  Our AGM was attended by 18 members. The Officers and Steering Group were re-elected for another year, and we co-opted Claire Kelly onto the Steering Group with the intention of electing her as a full member next year when she has attended a few more meetings.  The members confirmed our decision to register with the Charities Commission which must be done before the end of the year.

SUMMER ROUTINE:  You can really help the hedgehogs which visit your garden by making sure there are bowls of water on the ground and additional (cat or dog) food left out for them - dry complete cat food is easier as it doesn't attract the flies - if you put the food under a box with a 13cm hole cut out of the side, it will deter cats, seagulls etc from taking the food.  This is vital in spells of hot, dry weather. Thanks to Pete and inmates at the prison we have wooden and plastic feeding boxes of all shapes and sizes - available from Dru for a donation.


Cutting and mowing: There are plenty of hazards for hedgehogs, especially at this time of year so please
take extra care when cutting hedges or long grass.  17 strimmed hogs have already been put to sleep this quarter. Monique admitted a hog with fly eggs all over a head wound which did not survive. We now have 2 head wounds , 2 minor nose injuries and a bottom wound in care.

Sheds and garages: Hogs can get trapped inside sheds and garages if the doors are left open sometimes and then shut later, especially during summer when the evenings are light. One very thin hedgehog was found in a shed, we don’t know how long he might have been there, he could have wandered in during the daytime. He has been released elsewhere.

Pools, ponds and brooks: If you have a pool or pond or a brook  make sure that any hog which falls in can get out again, they are good swimmers and climbers, but need an escape ramp made out of wire netting, firm plastic mesh or rough wood. Put a dish of water in another part of the garden and the hogs may drink from this without bothering with the swimming pool! We have lots of plastic mesh at White Lodge if you would like a couple of lengths for your pool or pond. ( hogs have been rescued alive from pools,  from a pool cover and  adults from a pond and) one was rescued from a brook by a very athletic Anne who did a full length dive on the wet grass to grab him from the water. One poor hog got caught in a double whammy a net over a pond, he was cut free and left on the grass in the open for 24 hours before help was summoned but was fine after a bit of TLC and has been released.

3 other hogs have been rescued from netting two had a swollen leg which went down after a few days’ treatment, the other was apparently unhurt by his ordeal but had a noisy chest. Please make sure that all unused netting is safely stored away and if in use in the garden it is pulled taut and pegged down and any surplus cut off. If used for growing beans or peas, if you leave a 5”/13cm gap underneath the hogs will happily wander about underneath munching on the slugs for you.

Drains and other holes:  Please check that all your drains or any other holes in your garden are covered. A mature male was rescued from the drain at the Gunsite Café and collected by the Animals’ Shelter driver and has since been released. A skinny female, covered in fly eggs with very worn claws was found in a hole in a barn which had been left after a new electricity supply had been installed.

Good Rescues:   2 ladies phoned about a hog with a huge burst abscess on his back at Queen’s Valley reservoir, one of them kindly waited until Dru got there and directed her to the car park - as she was merrily driving past it! Andy at New Era cleaned the nasty wound and the hog did really well and has been released. A very clever little hog asked to be rescued in the road just outside Pam’s house, the lady just had to knock on the door for him to be taken in and brought to Dru.  A very kind couple found a hog near Samares Manor in the road in the daytime and as they were walking into town dropped him off at New Era Vets so Dru could collect him. These have all been released.

Babies: Other rescue centres in the UK were looking after hoglets long before any were found in Jersey. We had to wait until June to hear of any being born and until  25th June to have any to care for ourselves. 2 holiday makers very kindly drove all over the island from St Ouen’s via Grands Vaux to Millbrook using their satnav! The baby was covered in fly eggs but has been feisty all along and done well - he was about 10 days old when found.

Nest disturbance: It is the breeding season, so if you clear a patch or a pile of rubbish which has been left for some time, or move a shed, you may find a mother and her babies, if the work cannot be postponed, then please put on some gloves and pick up the whole family (Mum first, so she doesn‘t run off) and put them in a deep box  OR PUT A BUCKET WITH A STONE ON IT OVER THE WHOLE FAMILY INCLUDING MUM and phone us to come and rescue them.  Please phone us at once to give them the best chance of survival. The best thing to do is to leave the nest undisturbed once you have discovered it, and put out food and water for Mum to help her produce lots of milk. Please phone us if the babes are wandering around on their own in the daytime. The first call about a nest was received on 3rd June, we left mum and babes where they were as it was in a quiet location not being disturbed, food and water were provided for mum.

When to intervene? If you see a hedgehog "sunbathing" or lying still in the open for some time in daylight give us a ring as there will probably be something wrong, and often it is hard to see if they are hurt when they are rolled up, so please pick it up with gloves, put it in a box, give us a ring on 734340 and bring it in to us if you can. 
Hedgehogs in long grass (or feeding boxes) during warm weather: You may find a hedgehog not in its nest on a warm day, they often just lie up in long grass (or your feeding box) when it's hot and don't go into a nest. As long as the hog looks nice and healthy and is under some cover don't worry - but they should not be lying right out in the open.  Give us a ring if you aren't sure and we can decide what's the best thing to do for the hog. We had 2 calls about large hogs resting in people’s feeding boxes during the day, they were both left where they were.
Females out in daylight:  When the nights are short, female hogs often come out of their nests while it is  light.  If you see a large hedgehog walking around with purpose in daylight hours, possibly carrying grass or leaves in her mouth or foraging for food, please leave well alone, she may have babies nearby or be about to give birth.  Do put out food and water for her, as this will help her a lot. Please phone Dru if you are not sure if the hog needs help or not.  Be prepared for a lot of questions!

IS THIS BABY LOST?  Please keep an eye out for young hogs out in the daytime, if they are left in the open, flies will lay their eggs on them and birds will peck at them.  When they are about a month old, they leave the nest with Mum at night but sometimes they get separated from the rest of the family and are found the next day. If you find one (or more!) of these hoglets, please pick it up (wearing gloves) and put it in a box away from the flies and keep it warm. Please don't wait a few days before taking action, it makes our task so much harder if not impossible if they are cold and fly struck by the time we get them.  If it has a pointy, furry face, offer it some water to drink and some mushy cat or dog food and give us a ring. Please contact Dru on 734340 at once, this is especially important if it is too young to feed itself. They are often found because they are yelling in discomfort because they need to empty their bladder and/or bowels, this is one of the reasons they need urgent help because they are unable to do this for themselves when they are very young.

Co-op Account: Many thanks to all of you who have used our number 325001 when you shopped at the Co-op.

Our stall at the JSPCA Family Day at the Trinity Showground on 28th April raised £276, thanks to a member who was moving house and donated a lot of items for us to sell.

Collette gave a talk to a group of Rainbows and was given £30.  We are very grateful to the staff and pupils at St John’s School for raising  from the sale of woolly hoglets following Collette’s talk to the children in the Spring. Thanks to Collette for all she does spreading the word about hedgehogs amongst youngsters in the Island.

St Peter’s Garden Centre  put collecting tins in the store and restaurant for the whole of April and raised over £50 for us. They have booked us in for next April too!

Hoggy Pegs Rachel Scott Renouf has been selling pegs with hogs and other characters on them for us at her office, Close Bros this quarter she has raised £58,and £30.85 at the Snow Goose - thanks so much Rachel.

Car Boot Sales at St Martin's on June 3rd  raised £220, on June 17th raised £260 and on 1st July raised £.
Louisa raised over £80 for us by selling woolly hogs at her car boot stalls, many thanks.

We are very grateful to the staff at the Tax Office who raised over £305 for us by holding dress down days.

Grouville School Year 6 chose us as their local charity and sold woolly hogs at their Open Day in June and distributed our leaflets. Many thanks to all involved, they raised over £300. Dru then went and released a hedgehog in the school meadow with the help of 2 classes who set up a feeding station.


Antiques and Collectables Fair at St Mary’s Community Centre 11- 12th August
We are extremely grateful to Jill and Daniel Gayet for once again sponsoring our stall at this event. This was our biggest fund raiser last year and is held on the weekend following Battle of Flowers.  Please let Monique know if you are able to help her man the stall or if you have any collectables to donate.

Carboot Sales will take place at St Martin's on the mornings of 5th August and  26th August.
Thanks to all who have donated bric a brac for us to sell.


                       April                    May               June
Admissions        18                        49                47
Deaths              10                        25                26
Releases            41                        24               29

Tag and other returns: There have been 12 returns this quarter. An old friend from 2015 was found quite a distance from his release site, he had a chest infection and worms but had done well to survive for 3 winters in the wild, he has been re-released. A youngster from 2016 was found with a sliced nose and was put to sleep at once. A tagged hog was found dead in a member’s garden he was a baby in autumn 2016 and had not been back into care. 4 from last summer returned, one to be re-released, one died and two are still in care. One of these was found in netting quite a distance from his original release site.  4 from last winter came back, one for the third time, 3 of them died this time and one was re-released. One admitted earlier this year came back with diarrhoea and died.  A mature hog from earlier this year returned with a shallow wound on his head but died this time.

Care Team Thanks to Pam, Monique, Louisa, Anne, Stine, Emily and Monya, for their help.  As we get into autumn and things get busier, we will be in need of extra help. Please let us know if you are able to come and clean out hedgehogs or collect them from their finders or take them to their release sites.

Woodchips: We are grateful as ever to Ian Averty of Channel Island Tree Services for his regular gift of a load of woodchips to cover the outside pens.

HELPING HEDGEHOGS AND HEDGEHOG HIGHWAYS  On a suggestion from Tracey le Feuvre we are embarking on a new campaign to encourage people to make holes in their fences or walls to allow hedgehogs to come and go from their gardens and to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly.  We want Jersey gardens to become part of the UK’s Hedgehog Street Campaign.   Most of our new developments or renovations have walls or fences with concrete bases round the gardens.  We want to encourage landowners and developers to think about hedgehogs and put in access tunnels. Leaflets are being printed and will be available soon. The text of the leaflet is reproduced on our Helping Hedgehogs page.

STRIMMER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN   We will repeat our campaign for the third year and ask everyone to take extra care to check before they cut or strim.  Flyers, posters and stickers are available, if you would like a supply of any of these to distribute please let Dru know by phoning 734340 or emailing

CHARITY REGISTRATION  You may have seen in the media that a Jersey Charities Commission has been set up.  We will be applying to register as a Jersey Charity later in the year. If we do not do this we will lose our tax exempt status.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: New data protection regulations are in force now. We will need your permission to hold your contact details which are only used either to send you our newsletter, or to arrange for a hedgehog release if you have offered your garden as a release site or to ask you to volunteer if you have offered some help. If you have sent (or are about to send) us a membership renewal slip that will count as permission granted. We do not do any marketing and your personal information is kept securely and will never be shared with anyone else. If you receive our newsletter by email and would like to continue to do so, please click “reply” and type “yes” (or something positive!) by July. If we do not hear from you your address will be removed from the circulation list until you get in touch again.

Please bring us all the newspapers, 6 bottle wine boxes, paper sacks and bags you can (even take-away bags or paper cat litter bags) to Dru’s garage in Waterworks Valley, or to Monique in St Clement.  We are very grateful to everyone who has been bringing us supplies of papers, boxes and sacks.

HOG BOXES AND FEEDING HOUSES  We have a selection of feeding and nesting boxes at White Lodge ranging in price from £10 to £30. Please ring Dru to arrange a time to come and have a look and buy one! 01534 734340

THANKS FOR GIFTS AND DONATIONS  Thanks to St Peter's Garden Centre for their gifts of  bags of dog and cat food. Many thanks to everyone who has given us gifts of food and other supplies.

SUPPLIES: Donations of Pedigree Loaf, Royal Canin Outdoor 30 or James Wellbeloved Turkey adult cat biscuits are also very welcome. We have a wish list on Amazon for some of our regular supplies, called Jersey Hedgehog Group Wish List,  if you would like to donate something please follow this link: 
Many thanks in advance.

OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCIES FOR INJURED HEDGEHOGS BETWEEN 8PM AND 8AM:  New Era Veterinary Hospital, Georgetown - please phone 07797 711585 and take the hedgehog to the hospital. If you are unable to take the casualty to New Era please phone the JSPCA emergency ambulance line: 07797 720331. You will not be charged for JSPCA or veterinary services.   Do put out food and water for them if they are in your garden.

If you find a hedgehog whatever its size, lying out in daylight please pick it up with gloves, put it in a box with some cat or dog food and a dish of water and give us a ring on 734340 if you live in Jersey.  If you are in the UK please phone 01584 890 801  for advice or information on carers in your area, there is a 24 hour answering service.




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