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If you shop at the Co-op and would like to donate your divi, our share number is 325001 - thank you!

More Knitters wanted!  Several of our regular knitters have had to give up so we need more of you to volunteer to take on the knitting challenge!  Please phone Pam on  01534 481764 if you would like a lesson in how to knit our woolly hogs. The knitting pattern is on the website now!  We have wool and needles, please don't buy any yourself! Knitting pattern

Dru has decided that she will only be available between the hours of 8am and 8pm to take in or release hedgehogs. If you find an injured hog after 8pm in the evening, please ring New Era vets on 07797 711585 and take it to them. You will not be charged for their services. For most of the year uninjured hedgehogs seen after dark should be left to go about their business, the only exceptions are  small autumn juveniles under 550g from November onwards. These should be kept in a box overnight in a warm room with bedding and food and water and brought to Dru in the morning. If you need an out of hours animal ambulance, please phone the JSPCA Animals' Shelter emergency line on 07797 720331.

STRIMMER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN  See our Strimmer awareness page

We are repeating our Strimmer awareness campaign to try to prevent the usual large number of hedgehogs being killed or injured by strimmers and brush cutters.  We are asking people to check for wildlife before they start work - if the vegetation is very high, to cut to knee height first, then check, then cut lower once they are sure there is nothing there to be hurt.  We are having flyers and stickers for the machines printed.  If you would like some of these please email

The flyers also contain advice about what to do if you discover a nest of Mum and babes while you are working


Please continue putting out food and water for the hogs which visit your garden until they go into hibernation as it can mean the difference between life and death for young hedgehogs who need to weigh at least 550g-600g or 1lb 4-6oz to survive  the winter. This only applies to this year's youngsters, adults should weigh much more than this to get through hibernation.  You can put the hedgehog’s supper under a box with a  (5”) hole cut in the side, so that cats or seagulls can’t reach it. We have some small feeding boxes at White Lodge available for a donation and some large sturdy ones made by Pete for £20. Dry cat food can be left under your box when the hogs are starting to hibernate.  Remember that they may not disappear for the whole winter but regularly wake up and may come out looking for food if it is mild. You can boost the amount of natural food in your garden by not using any pesticides or weed killers, composting your garden waste rather than burning it and piling up dry fallen leaves or dry grass cuttings under your hedge or shed to encourage hogs to nest there. But if you do decide to burn your garden rubbish, or are preparing for Bonfire Night, please don’t set fire to a pile that has been there for ages, to a hedgehog your bonfire heap could look like an inviting place to sleep.  Please build the fire on the day you set fire to it, to ensure that there are no hogs underneath.  This is the only way to be sure that no hog has nested in the pile.

Baby hedgehogs can be born as late as the end of October in Jersey, and these hoglets will definitely not have enough time to reach 550g-600g before their food gets hard to find.  If you find a small hedgehog under 550g after dark, or any hedgehog whatever its size, out in daylight please pick it up with gloves, DON'T TOUCH ANY HEDGEHOG WITH YOUR BARE HANDS - put it in a box with some cat or dog food and a dish of water and give us a ring on 01534 734340.  Please be prepared to bring any hog you find to Dru, especially at this time of year when we are very busy.  If you find an underweight hedgehog which is not hurt after 8pm please bring it into the house and put it in a deep (escape-proof!) box with some ripped up newspaper and give it some water and dog or cat food and phone Dru after 8am the next morning.  If the hedgehog is injured or needs urgent veterinary attention, please phone New Era vets on 07797 711585 if you are able to take it to them.  If you are unable to drive after dark, please phone the Animals' Shelter emergency ambulance service on 07797 720331 who will take the hedgehog to the vets for you.
You will not be charged for either of these services.

In the year October 2016 to September 2017 Dru admitted 560 hedgehogs, 209 died or were put to sleep and 331 were released. Monique admitted 58 hedgehogs during the year.
                     2010-11     2011-12     2012-13   2013-14   2014-15     2015-16      2016-17
Admissions        513          616            510         454      482              558            560
Deaths              200          311            164         155      174              265            209
Releases           333           275            383        300      293              299            331
Survival rate      65%         45%           75%       66%    61%              54%          59%
                                          (releases as % of admissions)
Admissions for the last quarter are as follows:
                          July          August         September
Admissions            63             69              46              
Deaths                  21             28               25
Releases               27              21              22           

TAGS AND OTHER RETURNS:    Our star tag returnee is now 6 years old, she came back last autumn with an infected ear, this time she had a cough, she had gone back nearer her original release site - she really is the granny of them all and amazingly fit for her age and has been re-released! An adult male who had been in care earlier this year was found at his release site and was passing lots of blood, he didn’t make it, we suspect rat poisoning. Another adult male also from earlier this year was found near Beauport where there had been a dog poisoned, he haemorrhaged blood from his nose and mouth, his breathing was very bad so this may have been a natural cause of death rather  than another poisoning. One of our babies from 2014 was found alive and well a little way from her release site, she was returned to her original location as the finders did not think their gardens were suitable. One of last autumn’s youngster’s was found in the road quite near her release site and brought in to us by the JSPCA, sadly she didn‘t make it this time. A large female from last summer  returned with an infected wound below her eye she hadn’t moved very far from her release site, she remains in care. A female from last winter was found at first in a play shed at Communicare nursery and released nearby then a few weeks later she was found again in some leaves at the main Communicare centre with 2 babes.

INJURIES: In spite of our Strimmer Awareness Campaign we saw some horrid strimmer injuries, one hog with very nasty head wound was put to sleep, 7 babies were disturbed in their nest by men strimming and several were killed outright, the less badly damaged ones were brought to Dru but only one was alive.  We kept her going for a couple of weeks but she did not survive. Ironically a little one was found in the car park at Normans at Five Oaks with a wound on her nose, with the strimmer leaflets available inside the shop…..she didn’t make it either.

TRAPPED HOGS:   Pools and Ponds are a major hazard for hogs.  They may have fallen in because they were looking for water to drink, it is always a good idea to put a bowl of water in another part of the garden for them to dissuade them from falling into the pool/pond.  Please remember to put escape ramps in any pool or pond. We have rolls of plastic mesh available at White Lodge.  A very kind Australian visitor rescued a young hog from her daughter’s swimming pool, she wasn’t too sure what the animal was, but knew it needed help - she wrapped him in a towel and put him by the lovely warm aga! Another large male was rescued from a pool and released at once.
Fence/Wall One poor youngster was found trapped between a fence and a wall on a raised flower bed in Rouge Bouillon - how he ever got there is a mystery! Another was trapped in the fence at FB fields. The finders kindly freed him before Monique collected him.
Enclosed gardens  Several other hogs were found in enclosed gardens.  If you have such an area in your garden, please check it very often to be sure no hog or other animal has got trapped there
Drain:  Two men doing a road survey spotted a lucky hog trapped on top of the drain opposite the St Mary’s pub and alerted us, passers by would not have noticed him as he was quite a way below the level of the pavement. It was very lucky the men were working there just then!
Flash flood  During the flooding in St Ouen’s in September a large hog was found in a flooded courtyard, he must have been nesting in the leaves, the lady had to delay bringing him in to us, because the roads were shut and under up to 3 foot of water.
Family trapped in air brick: thanks to Andy for coming to the rescue with his metal snips to rescue a large mother who had got trapped in a tiny hole behind an old broken ventilation grid.  Dru managed to free 4 babes from under her but couldn’t get her out! The smallest babe didn’t survive.
Netting: 2 hogs have been rescued from netting, one didn’t make it, he had thorny headed worm to add to his problems but the little female rescued from a badminton net by new volunteer, Louisa, is doing well.

GOOD RESCUES: A human ambulance crew rescued a hog in the road and brought him to us, sadly he had an enormous abscess under his chin and died at the vets.  A very kind gentleman rescued a hog who couldn’t get up a bank, her hind legs weren’t working, he took her to the Animals’ Shelter and then onto New Era vets who xrayed her and couldn’t find any fractures.  She must have had nerve damage, over time she put herself right. A very kind lady rescued a little hog from the Railway Walk and handed him into the café with a £10 donation. The retired States Vet found a hog in a field and marked the spot with some sticks and phoned Dru, who phoned a member who lives nearby, this kind lady delayed her departure for a Battle of Flowers rehearsal and went and found the hog for us.

SUPPLIES: We will now need newspapers, 6 bottle wine boxes and paper sacks (including take-away bags, cat litter or dog biscuit bags for small hogs) as we must stock up for winter. Paper sacks are proving hard to find as most feedstuffs are being packed in plastic now.  Donations of Pedigree Loaf, Royal Canin Outdoor 30 or James Wellbeloved Turkey adult cat biscuits are also very welcome. We have a wish list on Amazon for some of our regular supplies, called Jersey Hedgehog Group Wish List,  if you would like to donate something please follow this link: 
Many thanks in advance.

OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCIES FOR INJURED HEDGEHOGS BETWEEN 8PM AND 8AM:  New Era Veterinary Hospital, Georgetown - please phone 07797 711585 and take the hedgehog to the hospital. If you are unable to take the casualty to New Era please phone the JSPCA emergency ambulance line: 07797 720331. You will not be charged for JSPCA or veterinary services.   Do put out food and water for them if they are in your garden. If you find them lying out of the nest in the daytime, then please phone Dru on 734340.
Once the weather gets cold (below 5C at night) young hogs need to be big enough to survive the winter, this is usually around 550-600g, so any hedgehog found lying out in the daytime or any small hogs even if found after dark from the end of November onwards should be brought into care. if the hog is unhurt and you are able to look after it overnight if you find it after 8pm, please put it in a deep box with some ripped up newspaper in a warm room and give it some water to drink and some dog or cat food and phone Dru after 8am the next morning.

THANKS   Thanks to everyone who has given us donations of food and other supplies.
HOG BOXES  Very many thanks to Jim Peacock and Peter Hobbs for making us more hog nesting and feeding boxes. These are available from Dru for £30 and £20 respectively. More are being made at the prison and will be available shortly.

If you find a hedgehog whatever its size, lying out in daylight please pick it up with gloves, put it in a box with some cat or dog food and a dish of water and give us a ring on 734340 if you live in Jersey.  If you are in the UK please phone 01584 890 801  for advice or information on carers in your area, there is a 24 hour answering service.




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