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Please don't leave a sick or injured hedgehog when you see one we are working normally now. Usually hedgehogs in need of help are seen out in daylight, but of course might also be seen after dark.

Please always wear gloves or use a towel to pick up any hedgehog or other wildlife, we don't yet know if they can get Covid-19 but may be carriers. This is always a good precaution because of all the other bugs they can have some of which can be passed to humans. Limit your handling of the hedgehog to a minimum.

Please put the hedgehog in a box with ripped up newspaper or hay and close the lid! Ring us on 01534 734340 for our latest advice. We ask that you bring the hedgehog in to us or if you are isolating or cannot drive we will find a volunteer in your area to collect it from your garden.

We are registered with the Jersey Charity Commissioner - Registered Charity No 4

If you would like to donate by bank transfer our account is
Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group,
Account No 71401602
Code 40-25-33

If you shop at the Co-op and would like to donate your divi, our share number is 325001 - thank you!

EasyFundraising: follow this link and choose us as your good cause and donate every time you shop online! it won't cost you a penny, the retailer you shop from will donate a percentage to us if they are part of the scheme.

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Facebook fund raising page:  We have a page on Facebook where we are selling donated items, if you would like to join the group please follow the link: We are asking people to collect their items from White Lodge, we won't have time to deliver them to you.  We hope this will raise lots of money for the hogs.

Please report any sightings of hedgehogs to the Jersey Biodiversity Centre  or call 01534 633393 so we will gain vital information about what is happening to the population.

NEW CHAIRMAN  John Pinel has agreed to take over the Chairmanship from ian Cox and will be Acting Chairman until we formally elect him at our next AGM in April 2022.  We are delighted to be working with John and are very grateful to Ian for his 6 years of service. Ian will continue to be our Veterinary Adviser at New Era Veterinary Hospital in Georgetown.

Summer 2021

Please remember to put out lots of bowls of water and some cat or dog food for any hedgehogs which may visit your garden. Any hedgehog lying in the open out of its nest in the daytime will probably need help. Please put it in a deep box (with gloved hands) and ring us on 734340. This is especially important as hedgehogs are  carriers of lots of bugs and diseases and should never be handled with bare hands. BUT mother hedgehogs often leave their nests during daylight hours to forage or maybe move their young or build a nest, they will be walking purposefully, not lying down or wobbling around. They should be left where they are unless they are in the road or another dangerous place when they should be moved to a safe place nearby. Many thanks to the finders who have taken the hedgehogs they found straight to the vets for us or brought them here and collected them for release..

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  We held our long delayed AGM on 23rd June at the Portelet Inn.  The meeting was attended by 26 members who seemed to enjoy getting back together and having a meal. So the 2020 Accounts are formally adopted and the Steering Group is officially re-elected! Thanks to those members who sent in remote ballots which were added to the votes.
SUMMER ROUTINE:  You can really help the hedgehogs which visit your garden by making sure there are bowls of water on the ground and (cat or dog) food left out for them - dry complete cat food is easier as it doesn't attract the flies - if you put the food under a box with a 13cm hole cut out of the side, it will deter cats, seagulls etc from taking the food.  This is vital in spells of hot, dry weather. Please DO NOT give mealworms, peanuts or sunflower seeds all can lead to brittle bones. We have feeding and nesting boxes available at White Lodge for a donation of £15 and £20 respectively, thanks to the States of Jersey Prison Service.
Cutting and mowing: There are plenty of hazards for hedgehogs, especially at this time of year so please
take extra care when cutting hedges or long grass.  Please resist the temptation to manicure your garden, leave a nice wild patch for hogs and other wildlife. If you employ a gardener, ask them to check before starting work to be sure no hedgehogs are nesting where they are going to cut. Please be prepared to pay for the extra time this will take to save lives. Please don’t cut too close to the ground and leave as much as you can uncut until the wild flower seeds have set. This will help pollinating insects as well.
Sheds and garages: Hogs can get trapped inside sheds and garages if the doors are left open and then shut later, especially during summer when the evenings are light. A female was trapped in a garage for some time before being discovered she was very thin and hungry but otherwise unhurt and has been released.
Pools, ponds and brooks: If you have a pool or pond or a brook make sure that any hog which falls in can get out again, they are good swimmers and climbers, but need an escape ramp made out of wire netting, firm plastic mesh or rough wood. Put dishes of water in another part of the garden and the hogs may drink from them without bothering with the swimming pool! We have plastic mesh at White Lodge if you would like a couple of lengths for your pool or pond.  A large male hog was rescued from a pool and brought into care as he was cold and waterlogged but has recovered quickly.
Netting: Please make sure that all unused netting is safely stored away and if in use in the garden it is pulled taut and pegged down and any surplus cut off. If used for growing beans or peas, leave a 5”/13cm gap underneath and the hogs will happily wander about underneath. If you have badminton or other sports nets, please lift them off the ground after play. Monique went to a garden where a poor hedgehog had strangled itself in a child’s football goal and had been dead for some time. She was called to Samares School where a female had got caught in their scrambling net, a few days later she gave birth to 2 live babies. Another hedgehog was found wrapped in plastic netting at Surville allotments he did not survive his injuries.
Drains and other holes:  Please check that all your drains or any other holes in your garden are covered.
Trapped down hole Monique rescued a hog found by the JEC in a large hole in the road, very lucky pig as the concrete lorry was coming the next day to fill the hole in.
Traps: A hedgehog was found in a killing rat trap, her front leg was badly damaged.  The vets tried to save her leg, but she also had a chest infection so after a few days, the decision was made to put her to sleep.
Trapped down steps   If you have outdoor steps please put a brick on each one to make it easier for small hogs to get back up again.
Tumble Dryer vent Episode 2: Gerry was called in again to sort out a hog stuck in the outlet vent from the tumble dryer at the Hairdressers in Maufant. The second time this has happened, the hog pulled out the mesh Gerry had installed last time! It could even be the same hog, as he has had an ear tag previously!
Dogs:  If you have a dog who goes for hedgehogs, please go with him into the garden at night and if he harms them, put a soft muzzle on him outside at night.

Nest disturbance It is the breeding season, so if you clear a patch or a pile of rubbish which has been left for some time, or move a shed, you may find a mother and her babies. The best thing to do is to leave the nest undisturbed once you have discovered it, and put out food and water for Mum to help her produce lots of milk. If the work cannot be postponed, then please put on some gloves and pick up the whole family (Mum first, so she doesn‘t run off) and put them in a deep box  OR PUT A BUCKET WITH A STONE ON IT OVER THE WHOLE FAMILY INCLUDING MUM and phone us to come and rescue them.  Please phone us at once to give them the best chance of survival. A nest was disturbed by the St John Ambulance Station, 2 babes were dead but one and Mum were alive and taken into care. A mum and 4 newborn babes were found in a plastic bag full of soil for growing spuds, mum must have knocked the bag over to get inside. A magpie raided a nest of 5 babes and mum after some garden clearance had exposed the nest. Only one babe and mum have survived.
When to intervene? If you see a hedgehog "sunbathing" or lying still in the open for some time in daylight give us a ring as there will probably be something wrong, and often it is hard to see if they are hurt when they are rolled up, so please pick it up with gloves, put it in a box inside the house away from flies and give us a ring on 734340 and bring it in to us if you can, if you are unable to bring it, then one of us will come and collect it.
Hedgehogs in long grass (or feeding boxes) during warm weather: You may find a hedgehog not in its nest on a warm day, they often just lie up in long grass (or your feeding box) when it's hot and don't go into a nest. As long as the hog looks nice and healthy and is under some cover don't worry - but they should not be lying right out in the open.  Give us a ring if you aren't sure and we can decide what's the best thing to do for the hog. A dish of water and some dog or cat food may be all that is needed.
Females out in daylight:  When the nights are short, female hogs often come out of their nests while it is  light.  If you see a large hedgehog walking around with purpose in daylight hours, possibly carrying grass or leaves in her mouth or foraging for food, please leave well alone, she may have babies nearby or be about to give birth.  Do put out food and water for her, as this will help her a lot. Please phone Dru if you are not sure if the hog needs help or not.  Be prepared for a lot of questions!
IS THIS BABY LOST?  Please keep an eye out for young hogs lying out in the daytime, if they are left in the open, flies will lay their eggs on them and birds will peck at them.  When they are about a month old, they leave the nest with Mum at night but sometimes they get separated from the rest of the family and are found the next day. If you find one (or more!) of these hoglets, please pick it up (wearing gloves) and put it in a box away from the flies and keep it warm. Please don't wait a few days before taking action, it makes our task so much harder if not impossible if they are cold and fly struck by the time we get them.  If it has a pointy, furry face, offer it some water to drink and some mushy cat or dog food and give us a ring. Please contact Dru on 734340 at once, this is especially important if it is too young to feed itself. They are often found because they are yelling in discomfort because they need to empty their bladder and/or bowels, this is one of the reasons they need urgent help because they are unable to do this for themselves when they are very young. Our smallest hoglet was only 24g and found on the pavement outside Waitrose in St Brelade and taken to the welcome desk. The ladies from Waitrose and Anne searched the car park for any more or signs of a nest but found nothing. Sadly she did not survive. 2 almost independent youngsters were found in different places in Vallee des Vaux.  We put them together because they were the same size and they cuddled up together and did well. A very cold babe about 3 weeks old with teeth just coming through was found in the woods near the Underground Hospital. She was too weak to make it. A feisty youngster was found on a grave in Almorah Cemetery and is doing well, despite the inauspicious start!.
Admissions for the last 3 months:
                         April              May              June
Admissions            22                33              53
Deaths                  5                 10              15
Releases               20                18              20

STRIMMER INJURIES  A hedgehog with a badly injured nose and head was found at Victoria College and taken straight to the vets to be put to sleep. One with a head wound died at the vets after his operation, another died here a few days after being stitched by the vets he had an exposed skull and maggots and a nasty chest so his chances were never very good. But we have one survivor who is healing well. On the day she was due to be released she produced 2 babies so will be in care for another couple of months with them! She must have been only just pregnant when she was found. A hog with a shredded nose and a sliced bottom and side was put to sleep.
RTA: Monique went to a badly injured hedgehog found in the road, his penis had been damaged, he was put to sleep. Another was found in the road with an unstable jaw and blood from her nose and mouth, she died the next day.
Good Rescues: A very kind moped rider hit a hog in the road at night and phoned the JSPCA who took him to New Era vets who gave the hog a clean bill of health. On 30th April 2 small hogs (for the time of year) 290g and 299g were found one had a bent over front paw which put itself right, both have been released. A lovely girl on a skate board found a hog tangled in netting near the road and took him home where her dad got most of the netting off, there was only a little left by the time Dru got there to collect him. During the hot weather a large male hog walked into a class room at Beaulieu School, it must have been in the evening when the room was being cleaned. He was released a few days later when it had rained.

TAG AND OTHER RETURNS A youngster from last summer who had been in care all winter and only released 7 weeks before was found in a field at les Platons - a very  long way from his release site in St Lawrence - we think he must have had a lift from a human. He suffered a massive haemorrhage from his rear end and died. An adult who had been in care last year and released in July was taken to the Animals’ Shelter. He had been hit by a car and had blood in his lungs and was displaying neurological symptoms, he did not survive. A hedgehog was found on a pool cover in Gorey, she must have fallen down the cotil behind and then got trapped in the pool. We knew she was one Monique cared for last year because of the nail varnish mark on her back.  Our star returnee was a babe in 2016, released in 2017 and was found crossing the main Quennevais road at 7am in early June, she looked as if she was lactating, so was released at once into a nest box in a hedgehog friendly garden in Clos des Sables. Another Clos des Sables girl was found again one evening in the car park opposite Waitrose and taken back to her release garden, she was an autun juvenile from this winter. A boy from 2019 was found very near his release garden outside Les Landes School. A garden was completely cleared and a mum and 3 babes were found and put in a dustbin for Dru to collect, Mum was one of last summer’s babies. A nest of mum and 4 new borns was found under a bag of garden rubbish and brought into care. A week later we discovered mum had only been out in the wild for 40 nights when we saw the pink nail varnish on her head and realised who she was, so she got down to business as soon as she was released, gestation is about 35 days!

HEDGEHOG BOXES  Dru has a supply of both feeding and nesting boxes courtesy of the States of Jersey Prison Service who now charge us so we ask a £15 donation for feeding boxes and £20 for nesting boxes. Please ring 01534 734340 to arrange collection.

ANY HEDGEHOG LYING OUT IN DAYLIGHT, unless its nest has just been disturbed, will be in trouble and will need help. Please put it in a deep box in a warm room with some food and water and ring us as soon as you can. Some injuries are not obvious and if hogs are hurt, they may well come out in the day. Please pick up the hog before you phone us - we have had several people  phone first and then the hog has disappeared by the time they go back to look for it! If you see a hog out in the daylight, please rescue it the first time you see it, don't wait until the next day.

KNITTING We should be grateful for any DK wool you may have to spare, bright colours sell best, . If you would like to help us knit these hogs, the knitting pattern is on our website   Please only volunteer if you can already knit, purl and cast on.
Please phone Pam on  01534 481764 if you need help with making the loops she can show you how.   We have wool and needles, please don't buy any yourself! 

Newspapers, sacks, boxes, hay and food:  Thanks to all of you who have brought us newspapers, hay, boxes and paper sacks for the hogs to nest in. Thanks to the JSPCA for more van loads of newspapers.  Donations of James Wellbeloved Turkey cat biscuits or Pedigree loaf tins are always welcome. You can donate from our Amazon Wish List, please follow this link:
Many thanks in advance

PRIVACY STATEMENT: . We will need your permission to hold your contact details which are only used either to send you our newsletter, or to arrange for a hedgehog release if you have offered your garden as a release site or to ask you to volunteer if you have offered some help. If you have sent (or are about to send) us a membership renewal slip that will count as permission granted. We do not do any marketing and your personal information is kept securely and will never be shared with anyone else.

Dru will only be available between the hours of 8am and 8pm to take in or release hedgehogs. If you find an injured hog after 8pm in the evening, please ring New Era vets on 07797 711585 and take it to them. You will not be charged for their services. For most of the year uninjured hedgehogs seen after dark should be left to go about their business, the only exceptions are small autumn juveniles under 450g from November to March.  These should be kept in a box overnight in a warm room with bedding and food and water and brought to Dru in the morning. If you need an out of hours animal ambulance, please phone the JSPCA Animals' Shelter emergency line on 07797 720331.

OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCIES FOR INJURED HEDGEHOGS BETWEEN 8PM AND 8AM:  New Era Veterinary Hospital, Georgetown - please phone 07797 711585 and take the hedgehog to the hospital. If you are unable to take the casualty to New Era please phone the JSPCA emergency ambulance line: 07797 720331. You will not be charged for JSPCA or veterinary services.   Do put out food and water for them if they are in your garden.

If you find a hedgehog, lying out of tis nest in daylight please pick it up with gloves, put it in a box with some cat or dog food and a dish of water and give us a ring between 8am and 8pm on 01534 734340 if you live in Jersey.  If you are in the UK please phone 01584 890 801 for advice or information on carers in your area, there is a 24 hour answering service.
The exception to this rule is in the summer when the evenings are still light and the hours of darkness are short and hedgehogs are out and about foraging quite happily while it is still light.  Mother hedgehogs sometimes come out of their nests during daylight to feed, to make a nest or move their babies, if she is moving with purpose and not lying listlessly in one spot please leave her be and offer her a dish of food and some water if she is in your garden.




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