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If you would like to join us in a more active way, please contact us by phoning 734340 or emailing


Ambulance drivers  During busy periods we often need to call on extra people to go and collect hedgehogs which have just been found in distress. Please contact us if this might interest you.  We would obviously take account of when you are available and what part of the island you live. 

 Emergency care team  When we are busy we need extra help to care for our patients.  This can be demanding physical work and not for the squeamish as you may see some horrible injuries and very sick hedgehogs.  If you offer your help you would receive training.


Knitters of woolly hoglets

On a more relaxed note, if you can knit, we would like to hear from you.  We sell lots of knitted hoglets filled with catnip at the vets and in pet shops and we also sell plain  knitted hoglets during school visits.  We can show you how to knit the hogs! Please contact us if you can help.




Fund raising  We often need help at our fund raising events, please see our events calendar  on the  News page for dates and details and get in touch if you are able to help.


Cleaning and maintenance: Not a glamourous job, but in Spring and Autumn there are extra jobs cleaning the accommodation inside and out and carrying out maintenance and repair tasks.