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If you would like to join us in a more active way, please contact us by phoning 01534 734340 or emailing


Ambulance drivers  During busy periods we often need to call on extra people to go and collect hedgehogs which have just been found in distress. Please contact us if this might interest you.  We would obviously take account of when you are available and what part of the island you live. You need to have your own car, we do not have any Group vehicles and we do not reimburse you for petrol.

 Emergency care team  When we are busy we need extra help to care for our patients.  This can be demanding physical work and not for the squeamish as you may see some horrible injuries and very sick hedgehogs. You must be at least 18 years old in case you are left here on your own, some of the casualties we see are not for those of tender years or dispositions.  If you offer your help you would receive training.

This is the information we send to prospective volunteers, if you are still keen to help after reading this please do get in touch by emailing us at or by ringing 01534 734340



Thank you for offering to volunteer for the Jersey Hedgehog Group.  There are 2 main ways in which you can help us, by driving to collect or release hedgehogs or take them to the vets and/or by learning how to care for them.  In both roles you may see badly injured hedgehogs with infected, maggot infested wounds and be asked to take them to the vets or to care for them, this is not a task for the faint-hearted! We do ask that you are at least 18 years old. You will interact with members of the public when they find a hedgehog and when one is released in their garden. Members of the public walk into the rescue centre unannounced at any time and expect to be helped at once whatever else you may be doing, for example to help them empty their car of newspapers or boxes or to admit a new hedgehog. Gloves are provided, hedgehogs must be handled with gloves at all times. Hedgehogs can carry about 14 zoonoses which can be transferred to humans including ringworm, listeria and salmonella.  Outdoor/waterproof clothing and wellies are not provided.  We usually ask you to pay a visit to White Lodge before you start to volunteer to have a look round and so we can show you what the work entails.

Personal Injury: the Group’s public liability policy does NOT cover volunteers, you will not be insured whilst working for us.

Personal data: we will keep your contact details securely for as long as you wish to volunteer for us or to receive our newsletter, if you no longer wish to continue, your records will be deleted.  We never share your personal information with any other person or organisation.


When we are busy it is very helpful to be able to phone volunteers to ask them to go and collect new admissions or to release hedgehogs back into the wild. You will be asked for your availability and which parts of the island you prefer to drive in.  You will be given a rescue box and a pair of gloves to keep in your car. You will need to have access to a car and you will not be given any petrol allowance. You will be driving on your own car insurance.  A reasonable knowledge of the Island is desirable. New admissions are brought to White Lodge or taken straight to New Era Vets in Georgetown if they are very badly injured. Releases are collected from White Lodge and taken to the release point, you will be given directions.


It is also very helpful if you have your own transport so you can fulfil the role outlined above as well as caring for the hedgehogs at the centre.  Care work is dirty, quite physical work with a lot of bending and lifting. Cleaning the outside pens can be muddy, cold and wet. It is all repetitive with the same tasks being performed each day. Please wear old clothes and sturdy shoes and bring your wellies and waterproof clothing. The hedgehogs are housed inside in hutches and floor pens and outside in enclosures. Every hedgehog is cleaned out, fed, watered and medicated as necessary every day. They are weighed and their progress is recorded.  You will be given the opportunity to learn about parasites and how to identify them under the microscope and you may wish to learn how to administer medicines, but this is not a requirement. In summer you may be shown how to hand feed and toilet hoglets.  We use newspaper and hay for bedding, hay fever sufferers may not tolerate the work. Please let us know if you have any medical issues which may affect how you can volunteer for us. Rubbish bags are taken up a slope to the incinerator, piles of newspapers/hay bales/bags of food have to be moved to where they are needed all of which is hard physical work. Dishes and bowls are washed up every day and disinfected.

You may like to read the care section before deciding whether to volunteer


Knitters of woolly hoglets

On a more relaxed note, if you can knit, we would like to hear from you.  We sell lots of knitted hoglets filled with catnip at the vets and in pet shops and we also sell plain  knitted hoglets during school visits.  We can show you how to knit the hogs! Please contact us if you can help. The pattern is on the website if you would like to have a go on your own first.




Fund raising  We often need help at our fund raising events, please see our events calendar  on the  News page for dates and details and get in touch if you are able to help.


Cleaning and maintenance: Not a glamourous job, but in Spring and Autumn there are extra jobs cleaning the accommodation inside and out and carrying out maintenance and repair tasks.